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Victims of Drunk Driving

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Victims of Drunk Driving

When Mr. Kaufman was eighteen years old, a drunk driver ran a stop sign and hit the passenger side of Mr. Kaufman’s car. The drunk driver pleaded and begged Mr. Kaufman not to call the police because he would go to jail, and he had a family and children to support. Being young and foolish, Mr. Kaufman agreed not to call the police. Later the insurance company for the drunk driver said the drunk driver was claiming the accident was Mr. Kaufman’s fault. When Mr. Kaufman heard that, he so regretted not calling the police. In addition, that incident hardened Mr. Kaufman’s view that he hates drunk drivers.


If you are hit by a drunk driver, we want your case. We will obtain the maximum recovery and when appropriate, go after the drunk driver’s personal assets.

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