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Uber and Lyft Accidents

We became experts in Uber and Lyft accidents because we have handled so many of these cases.

In a recent case, two Korean women were in the back seat of a Lyft when an accident happened. One went to our law office, and the other found a different lawyer who is popular in Koreatown. They were in the same accident, had the same type of injury, and went to the same doctor but had different attorneys. The one who went to our office settled for over $37,000, and the one who went to another law office settled for less than $24,000.00. We not only got a higher settlement we did it four months faster than the other law office.

We not only represent passengers, we also represent Uber and Lyft drivers. These drivers are on the road so much that getting into an accident is inevitable.

Often passengers in a ride-sharing car will expect the driver to get all the information from the other party and then give that information to the passenger. Although that should happen, we have seen cases where things went wrong. If you are in an accident as a passenger in an Uber or Lyft vehicle, take photos of all vehicles, including their damage and license plate numbers. Also, call the police to make a police report. If possible, take photos or a video of the position of the vehicles on the street before they are moved, showing what lane they are in.


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