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Having a truck accident attorney is a big advantage. The insurance coverage for commercial trucks is normally higher than the insurance coverage for passenger cars. Also don’t expect the insurance company to honestly tell you what the coverage limits are. The insurance company is compelled by law to disclose all insurance coverages in litigation. Prior to litigation disclosing insurance coverage is voluntary. 

Also, commercial vehicles like trucks often have layers of coverage. They might have several insurance policies including excess policies and umbrella policies. So even if the adjuster tells you their limit is a million dollars, that statement might be technically true, but it might not be the whole truth. Having a truck accident attorney gives you power to obtain the maximum recovery.

The weight disparity between a truck and a passenger car often results in more severe injuries for the occupants of the passenger cars that collide with trucks.

The truck might be equipped with black boxes that record the driving data. By black box we mean more than a dashcam. This may be effectively covered up by the truck company and their insurance company if the injured person’s attorney is unaware of its existence. That’s one reason having a truck accident attorney with our experience is helpful.

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