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35년 이상 교통사고 사건을 성공적으로 해결한 경험이 있는 유대인 변호사!
1984년부터 2년간 한국 최초의 국제 로펌인 김앤장에서 활동해온 변호사!

여러분의 Injury 케이스,
최고의 보상을 받으세요!

변호사는 어려움에 처한 분들을 도울 수 있는 멋진 직업입니다. 도울 수 있는 자리에 있어서 기쁩니다.

보험회사는 제리 카프만 교통사고 전문 변호사를 잘 알고 있고,
가능한한 법정 소송까지 가서 카프만 변호사와 싸우길 원치 않습니다.

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제리 카프만 교통사고 변호사

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많은 교통사고 변호사 사무실에서는 변호사가 아닌 직원이 대부분의 업무를 처리합니다.저희 교통사고 변호사 사무실에서는 제리 카프만 변호사와 페라리 변호사가 모든 일들을 직접 처리합니다.

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제리 카프만 교통사고 변호사는 그가 가진 해박한 법률 지식과 풍부한 경험을 귀하가 최고의 보상금을 받을 수 있도록 하고 있습니다. 당신도 제리 카프만 변호사를 신뢰하는 2000명이 넘는 고객중의 한 사람이 될 수 있습니다.


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자동차 사고

LA 교통사고 변호사는 자동차 사고 상해자를 돕습니다.


LA 교통사고 변호사는 트럭사고 상해자를 돕습니다.

오토바이 사고

LA 교통사고 변호사는 오토바이 사고 상해자를 돕습니다.

자전거 사고

LA 교통사고 변호사는 자전거 사고 상해자를 돕습니다.


LA 교통사고 변호사는 우버/리프트 사고 상해자를 돕습니다.

보행자 사고

LA 교통사고 변호사는 보행자 사고 상해자를 돕습니다.

음주운전 피해자

LA 교통사고 변호사는 음주운전 사고 상해자를 돕습니다.

무보험차 사고

LA 교통사고 변호사는 무보험 차 사고 상해자를 돕습니다.

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엘에이 교통사고 변호사,페라리 교통사고 변호사

Out of 5

I got into an accident while I was driving my friends car. Farrah Lee who was my lawyer was very informative, descriptive, affirmative, super respectful to me on my claim. Of course auto accident claim takes forever but I never had any unwanted experience with her. She always responded back either through email or phone. Whenever she gets an update from the claim process, she would always let me know first. Even though my car accident was not major, she worked really hard to get all the medical benefit for me and explained that my health comes first. She always greeted me with respect and I love how she puts passion in her work. I would recommend her 100 out of 100 times. Best auto accident lawyer in the town!

Gisung Choi

A few other law offices refused to take my car accident case because of the complication, difficulty, and specialty required. This office was willing to help me with my case. I am really grateful to Attorney Farrah Lee. Attorney Lee helped me through the whole process of my case accurately and thoroughly. She also always kindly gave me updates on the status of my case. Accidents can always happen to any driver, including myself, and there are many car accident lawyers out there. But, I have once again learned from this experience about how important it would be for a person like me in desperate need to work with a competent and great lawyer that works everything through with me. I deeply appreciate your hard work.

Joy Cha

Jerry is an attorney who truly cares about his clients. His experience and knowledge in the industry sets him apart from the others. He will always find ways to maximize the settlement, and he always goes above and beyond to take care of his clients. I trusted Jerry when I needed an attorney for a family member, and he will always be my first call.

Douglas Baek

Attorney Jerry Kaufman offered professional and reliable service. He worked so hard to get more money from insurance company. Not like other attorney, he tried deal several times and raised number on check. I strongly recommend him. Jerry worked all steps by himself and all staffs are friendly. Also, he knows and understand Korean culture and help a lot.

Mathew Suh

Jerry Kaufman and Farrah Lee turned my unfortunate situation into an uncommonly fierce and successful fight for compensation. Although it was not expected that my case would be highly compensated, Jerry's office remained kind and patient with me through the nearly 2 years it took for my case to see closure. Farrah encouraged and reminded me to follow through on my appointments the whole time, even when my hectic schedule exacerbated the timeline. Jerry personally called me to explain key developments in my case and asked for my decisions only after making thorough recommendations. The whole time, I felt that I was being looked after and fought for. I highly recommend that you take your case here; know that they can and have moved mountains for clients before.

Andrew Kim

I got into a big car accident where my car was totaled. The law firm helped me get through the insurance process and was very supportive every step of the way. They made the process as simple as possible and gave me a settlement that was better than expected. They were fast and efficient. I really recommend this law office if you are an ever in need of one.

Sarah Kim

Jerry and Farrah are a consummate professional who genuinely care about their clients. Top quality people and Top quality Law office for sure!

Good Choi's

Jerry and Farrah are by far the best attorneys for car accidents. They handled my case very quickly and efficiently and made it happen to get more compensation than I expected. I highly recommend it for any cases you have. Believe me, they will help you with their sincerity.

Kyungchae Baek

Highly recommend the law offices of Jerry Kaufman. My mother and I were in an auto accident where the other party was at 100% fault. Their insurance company doubted our medical bill and injury while trying to settle for almost nothing. Mr. Kaufman and Ms. Farrah Lee handled the case very professionally and constantly gave me updates on the case and told us what to expect from the insurance company. Case was settled in a short time and couldn't be more happy with the outcome they got for me and my mother. You wont regret hiring them.

Sam Kim

Best law firm in LA. I had a car accident and they made a whole process easy! I am very satisfied with my case. I feel super thankful for the lawyers ! Super nice people 😊

Annie Jeong

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