Case referred by the LA County Bar.

We recently had a client who initially had a different lawyer. His first lawyer is one of the most
famous lawyers in Los Angeles, who extensively advertises on television and radio. A car rear-
ended another car on the 60-freeway westbound in Monterey Park, CA, late at night. Our client
then rear-ended the vehicle that caused that first accident. Subsequently, our client was rear-
ended. It was a four-car accident. Our client was the third car.
The first attorney wasn’t having success in handling the case. When the client would call to get
an update, the attorney’s office took a message and didn’t return his phone calls. After leaving
many messages, the client was frustrated and called the Los Angeles County Bar and asked for a
referral to an attorney with a proven track record of success in handling personal injury cases.
The Los Angeles County Bar recommended our office to the client, and he changed lawyers to
our office.
We not only concluded the case against the car that rear-ended him, but we also settled for the
policy limit against the insurance company for the vehicle our client rear-ended because our
client couldn’t see the car that had no lights on at night in the dark.
On top of that, we got huge reductions in the medical bills, and the client walked away with
fifty percent of the settlement. The client was thrilled and gave us a five-star review.

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