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The majority of our cases are car vs. car accidents. We have handled over a thousand car accident cases. We get referrals from other attorneys. Usually, the referring attorney does not do personal injury. Sometimes we get a referral from an attorney who does personal injury and needs help.

In one case, the client signed up with us. But after she signed up with us, her mother told her to change attorneys to a Korean attorney she was good friends with. She reluctantly switched attorneys. The new attorney failed to get a settlement offer and dropped her case. She returned to us, and we settled the case at the full 100% value.

In another case, a prominent personal injury attorney called Mr. Kaufman and told him he had a case in which the insurance company offered a very low amount. The prominent personal injury attorney had a bad relationship with the defense attorney and asked Mr. Kaufman if he would take the case. Mr. Kaufman agreed. Mr. Kaufman made one phone call to the defense attorney. 

Mr. Kaufman had previously been successful in other cases against that insurance company. In the very first phone call, when the defense attorney found out Mr. Kaufman was the new attorney, he more than doubled the offer, and the case was settled.

In a third case, the police report said our client was at fault. The other party’s insurance company refused to make any settlement offer. We filed a lawsuit. The police officer testified that our client was at fault. On cross-examination, Mr. Kaufman was able to get the police officer to admit he made a mistake. The police officer changed his testimony on cross-examination saying Mr. Kaufman’s client was not at fault. We recovered a large sum of money.

We have many, many success stories.

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