Auto accident deaths in Los Angeles rose in 2022.

312 people died in auto accidents in Los Angeles in 2022 according to the Los Angeles Police Department/Department of Transportation. 159
pedestrians were killed when hit by a vehicle. Both numbers are higher than 2021.

Some tips for pedestrians are:

1) If you are walking at night, carry a flashlight.
2) Always walk on the sidewalk.
3) Wear bright clothing. Wearing dark clothing at night is dangerous.
4) Don’t assume drivers see you just because you see them. Make eye contact.
5) Don’t jaywalk. Don’t step out into traffic from behind a parked car.
6) If you are hit by a car, seek medical attention immediately and then call Auto accident attorney office (213) 383-1111. We have decades of experience.

Some notoriously dangerous intersections are:

Balboa Blvd and Saticoy Street
Caheunga Blvd and Selma in Hollywood
Soto Street and Washington Blvd.
Vermont and Florence

In contrast to Los Angeles, auto accident deaths in New York City decreased in 2022. Pedestrian deaths also decreased in 2022 in New York City.

Nationwide about 31% of deaths from an auto accident involve a drunk driver. In 2021 nationwide 13,384 people were killed in drunk driving accidents.

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