[Accident Case 3] The Best Recovery

My client, a man about thirty years old, was proceeding straight through a green
light when a car ran a red light and hit him. Fortunately, there was a woman who
was standing at the corner. She offered to be a witness and gave each driver her
phone number.

The case was disputed. The other party’s insurance company claimed my client ran
the red light. The defense attorney who works for the insurance company took the
testimony of my client. While questioning him, the defense attorney asked my
client if he had any relationship with the witness. My client testified he had never
met the witness before the accident.

The defense attorney asked, “Did you ever talk to her after the accident?”
My client said, “Yes we talked about a week after the accident.”

The defense attorney asked, “What did you and the witness discuss?”
My client said, “We talked about movies and traveling.”
“You didn’t talk about the accident?” the defense attorney asked.
“She was the witness to the accident?”
“Yes, she was.”
“You called the witness after the accident, but you didn’t discuss the accident?”
“That’s correct.”
The defense attorney looked at me with an odd expression. Then he asked my
client, “How long did the conversation last?”
My client thought and said, “About three hours.”
“You talked to the witness for three hours and didn’t discuss the accident?”

“That’s correct.”
The defense attorney stared at my client speechless for a few seconds. “Did you
ever talk to her again?”
“Yes,” my client answered. “We had dinner together the next day.”
“Was this a date?”
“It was. Our first date.”
“So, are you still dating her?”
My client looked at me. Then he looked at the defense attorney and said,
“According to the County of Los Angeles Hall of Records, she is my wife.”
“You met her because the accident happened?”
When the defense attorney heard this story she changed her position and settled the case favorably for our client.

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