[Accident Case 2] LA Accident Attorney Jerry Kaufman won with effective cross examination

Our client was stopped at a stop sign. The other street did not have a stop sign.
When it was safe to proceed, our client went forward intending to turn left.
However, she had to stop quickly because a dog ran into the road. Then the other
vehicle hit our client’s car on the driver’s side. The police report stated the accident
was our client’s fault because the other vehicle had the right of way. The insurance
company for the other party refused to pay.
Mr. Kaufman filed a lawsuit. The police officer testified the accident was our
client’s fault because the car driven by the other driver didn’t have a stop sign and
our client did have a stop sign.

Although there is law that says a person at a stop sign must yield, there are
exceptions. On cross-examination, asked the officer if he knew what the exceptions
were. The officer didn’t know. Mr. Kaufman then taught the officer the law. Then,
using scientific evidence, Mr. Kaufman analyzed the damage to the vehicles and
was able to prove that our client’s car was at a complete stop when she was hit by
the other party. The other driver hit a stationary vehicle not a vehicle that was
proceeding forward. During Mr. Kaufman’s cross examination, the police officer
changed his testimony and testified the accident was the fault of the other driver.
We won the case.

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