[accident Case 1] LA Accident Attorney Jerry Kaufmanm won even when another attorney gave up

A client came to us who was in a multi-car accident on the freeway. After she retained us, her mother told her she has to change attorneys to a well-known PI attorney she is friends with. Because of her mother’s pressure, she changed attorneys to her mother’s friend.

Several months later the client called again. The attorney representing her dropped her case. The police report was not in her favor. The other party’s insurance company denied payment. The attorney refused to file a lawsuit because he believed he would not win. The client was left with no attorney and no recovery. She asked us if we would take her case again.

We took the case and Mr. Kaufman spoke to the insurance company claims adjuster. The adjuster explained her reasons for refusing payment. Mr, Kaufman found the flaw in the claims adjuster’s logic and explained we will win in litigation. Quickly the adjuster made a good settlement offer. Soon after that, the case was settled without litigation.

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