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Extraodinary Attorney Jerry Kaufman

Extraordinary attorney Jerry Kaufman met his wife in 1982. After
they decided to get married, Mr. Kaufman applied for a job
position at a large law firm in Seoul, Korea. He applied for the job
because his wife was Korean, and he thought working in Korea for
two years would allow him to learn about Koreans and Korean
At that time, the law firm's name was Kim, Chang, and Lee, but
later the name changed. The firm was Korea's first international
law firm. The managing partner came to America to interview
attorneys in New York, Washington, DC. Los Angeles and Seattle.
He hired only Mr. Kaufman.

In 1984 and 1985, Mr. Kaufman and his wife lived in sinbanpo. He
worked representing large American businesses such as Bank of
America, IBM, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Dunkin Donuts, and
many others, helping them get established in Korea.

In 1986 Mr. Kaufman returned to America and opened his own law office.

When Mr. Kaufman was a child, his parents owned a pool table.  He used to practice every day. Because he practiced every day, he became good at playing pool. However, after he left for college, he stopped playing pool.

Then one day after he finished law school, he played pool with some friends. Mr. Kaufman made three consecutive, very difficult shots. One person who was watching remarked, Wow, you are a great pool player.  In the pool, to play well, you make your shot and set up your next one to be an easy one. He faced three consecutive difficult shots because he wasn’t playing well.


Practicing law is a lot like playing pool. An attorney who wins a case by making a great argument is not necessarily the best attorney. Like  pool, an attorney should strive to make sure he is not in a difficult situation where a great argument is required. When an attorney handles a case, and everything goes smoothly, the attorney has done an excellent job.


When the guy told Mr. Kaufman, Wow, you are a great pool player, Mr. Kaufman thanked him but at the same time

thought, this guy doesn’t know much about playing pool;

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