[Accident Case] BRAIN INJURIES

You were in a large impact, and your attorney sent you to a chiropractor for treatment, but you feel the injury is more significant than a neck or back sprain. Since the accident, you’ve had problems with memory, difficulty concentrating, and you’ve been irritable. Something doesn’t feel right. You might have headaches, nausea, drowsiness, ringing in your ears, or sensitivity to light. Symptoms vary from person to person.

The attorney’s job is to help you get proper medical care and maximum recovery. At the Law Offices of Jerry Kaufman, we have the experience to recognize that you could have a concussion even if you did not hit your head on anything.

A concussion can be caused by whiplash, in which your brain collides with the inside of your skull. We have seen cases from other law offices in which brain injuries have gone undiagnosed and untreated.

If you are only treating at a chiropractor and have a brain injury, your treatment won’t address your problem, and your settlement will be much less than it should be. Motor vehicle accidents are a leading cause of brain injuries, especially motorcycle or pedestrian accidents.

Even if your brain injury is mild, not severe, you must be correctly diagnosed to get the correct treatment and a fair settlement. For example, not being able to remember the accident or not being able to remember events after the accident is an indication of a brain injury.

Often a person with a brain injury will have a normal CT scan. PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder can be caused by an accident and is separate from a brain injury. Also, how the attorney handles the case is essential in obtaining a fair settlement.
Clients who cannot remember the accident or events immediately after it is tempted to testify in a statement about what they heard from the attorney or read in a police report. This can often work against the client.

The sooner the injury is diagnosed correctly the sooner the client can receive treatment and create the documentation necessary to obtain a high settlement.

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