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At many law offices, a secretary negotiates the settlement. At our office, Mr. Kaufman negotiates the settlement.
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Attorney Jerry Kaufman is very experienced having settled over two thousand personal injury cases. The amount of compensation you receive is to some degree dependent on properly documenting your injury. That means if you have a disc problem, you need to present an MRI and treatment from a specialist. Attorney Jerry Kaufman can help you get the treatment you need which is good not only for your health but also good for your settlement.

In addition, hiring us takes the stress and hassle out of dealing with an insurance company yourself. Some of our past clients include a judge, an insurance company defense attorney, and an adjuster. Even people with expertise in this field, who know how to handle their own cases, hired us.


1981, Opening

Mr. Kaufman graduated in the top quarter of his class at USC Law School in 1981 and passed the bar in 1981. From 1981 to 1984 Mr. Kaufman practiced immigration law and had many television and movie celebrities as clients.

1984 to 1986, We worked in Seoul!

Mr. Kaufman worked from 1984 to 1986 in Seoul, Korea for Korea’s first international law firm. At that time the name of the law firm was Kim, Chang & Lee. Mr. Kaufman took that job because he was engaged to a Korean woman and wanted to learn about Korea and Korean people. Mr. Kaufman and his wife lived in a apartment. They have been married for 35 years. They have two daughters.

1986 to present

Mr. Kaufman has operated his law office handling immigration and personal injury. Because we had too many clients, Mr. Kaufman now limits his practice to personal injury. Mr. Kaufman has been extremely successful in personal injury. Because of his many years of experience, insurance companies know him and make an effort to resolve cases without litigation. The majority of his clients are Korean-Americans.

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