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    Why do I need an attorney?
    A In most cases, if you were not at fault, you are entitled to compensation for pain and suffering. How much you get for pain and suffering is negotiable. It is not set by law. Attorney Jerry Kaufman is very experienced having settled over two thousand personal injury cases. The amount of compensation you receive is to some degree dependent on properly documenting your injury. That means if you have a disc problem, you need to present an MRI and treatment from a specialist. Attorney Jerry Kaufman can help you get the treatment you need which is good not only for your health but also good for your settlement.

    In addition, hiring us takes the stress and hassle out of dealing with an insurance company yourself. Some of our past clients include a judge, an insurance company defense attorney, and an adjuster. Even people with expertise in this field, who know how to handle their own case, hired us.

    What should I do before I get into a car accident?
    ABuy a dashcam. Buy full coverage including uninsured motorist coverage.
    What should I do after a car accident?
    AIf you are reading this, you probably already got into an accident and are just checking to see if you handled it correctly. You should call attorney Jerry Kaufman and review what happened with him. There is no fee for a consultation.

    If you are injured and need emergency treatment, call an ambulance. Regardless of whether you need an ambulance, call the police. Some police departments (CHP) will almost always take a report. Some police departments (LAPD) are reluctant to take a report but give it a try.

    Before you move your car, take some photos of your car’s location at the accident scene. Clearly identify in photos or video what lane your car is in and what angle it is positioned.

    Collect the other party’s name, contact information, and insurance information.

    Take photos of all vehicles and all damage.

    How do I find a doctor?
    AWe can help you find medical care you need. Many medical professionals will take your case on a lien, meaning you do not have to pay until your case is settled.
    Should I speak to the other party’s insurance company before hiring an attorney?
    ANo. They may be nice, but their job is to reduce or deny payments. Tell them you have an attorney or are in the process of hiring an attorney and give them the attorney’s name and phone number.


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